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Self-taught, Dan Bourgeon from Saint-Bénigne Ain, France specializes in designing motorcycle engine powered prototypes.


To truly appreciate the performance and craftsmanship of a TracKing race car its important to understand the background of its maker, Dan Bourgeon, founder of Bourgeon Concept.


Since the collaboration between Mitsubishi Motors and the automotive engineering & design company Bernard Maingret Sonauto (SBM) in the early 1980's, the quiet town of Pont-de-Vaux, France has always been associated with motorsport in general, particularly Rally Raids. It is within the workshops of SBM that actually released the legendary Mitsubishi Pajero, which marked the history of the Paris-Dakar and other off-road races.


In 1983 Mitsubishi announced it would compete for the first time at the Dakar Rally. Mitsubishi contracted with SBM in 1984 to develop prototypes in FIA group T3 using the Mitsibishi Pajero as the base car, which was to be used in Rally Raid competition. In 2006, after 28 years of a rich and fruitful collaboration, SBM was sold to the Japanese manufacturer and two years later, Mitsubishi left the competition arena. A long and beautiful story between Pont-de-Vaux and the world of motorsport had ended.


Shortly thereafter, former employees of SBM, have returned to the scene.  Among them, was Dan Bourgeon and while employed at SBM, he had mastered all the modern techniques necessary for manufacturing a car including research, design, mechanical welding, electrical, composites, bench running-in, telemetry, etc. Confident from his years of experience placed him on the same level as the top world racing preparators and he was ready to impose his know-how in a new direction.


With the help of his son Fabien (a recent graduate of the Métiers Paris Tech School of Arts & Crafts) Dan's blueprints were converted into CAD software culminating in the first proto CM model in 2012, after only a year of research and development.


Dan's boundless passion for motorsport extends beyond just manufacturing. He has a long and distinguished career as an amateur hillclimber with five league highclimb titles in the mountains of France, aboard a BMW and later an Opel Astra DTM! He also tried ice racing on the circuit, most of the time aboard a BMW.


After successful testing in the proto CM on the Circuit de Bresse in 2013, Dan handed over the driving duties to his son Fabien so he could concentrate on manufacturing. Fabien jumped into the the production TracKing RC01 and proved fast right out of the box, regularly finishing in the Top 3 at various French hillclimbs including Colligny of Bagnols Sabran, Mont-Dore and Turckheim. 


In addition to the immediate racing success, Bourgeon Concept and the TracKing received the Artinov innovation trophy in 2013 for the creation of a prototype light vehicle.


The combination of stunning performance, and unique DTM Mercedes look bodyshell aroused curiosity among the public and drivers which registered customer orders for three cars for delivery in early 2014. A DTM Audi look bodyshell was available for 2014 and there are plans to release a DTM BMW look bodyshell in the near future.


Also in 2014, the TracKing RC01 won both the French Hillclimb Championships and the France Proto Cup in the Proto CM category.


Fabien Bourgeon and his TracKing RC01b continues to dominate the French Hillclimb Championships continually winning the CM category!



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