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With the experience of several decades in mechanical engineering and automotive design, Bourgeon Concept has developed a purpose built race car offering outright performance that can compete against more expensive rivals while remaining affordable, safe, reliable and inexpensive to run. The car was developed in accordance to the French Federation of Automobile Sport (FFSA) technical regulations, allowing for easy maintenance and mechanical servicing.


Although a relative newcomer to the racing community, the TracKing RC01 has a proven winning racing pedigree and has already repeatedly won its class (CM) in the French Hillclimb Championships demonstrating its potential.



The TracKing Proto CM is a motorcycle engine powered car developed by Bourgeon Concept. It's compact light weight design allows it to be very competitive while remaining affordable and relatively inexpensive to run and maintain.


Weighing only 455kg ± 5kg with 200 + horsepower @13,500 rpm, the TracKing RC01 is extremely fast with precise handling and has dominated the CM class in the French Hillclimb Championships as of late.


The TracKing's construction utlizes a space frame chassis, removable lightweight composite bodyshell. aerodynamic ground effects, DTM style rear diffuser and a powerful Suzuki Sportbike engine custom built for optimal performance.


Bourgeon Concept has developed a specific crashbox on the TracKing following the recommendations of the French Federation of Automobile Sport (FFSA). To ensure the safety of the driver, the honeycomb structure combines rigidity used in normal use, but is designed to deform and dissipate impact energy in a frontal collision.


The TracKing RC01 chassis has been inspected and approved by the FFSA and is constructed of TIG welded 25CD4S alloy steel in accordance with the regulations.  The TracKing RC01 is allowed to run in several FIA categories in hillclimb competition throughout Europe.


Dan Bourgeon, founder of Bourgeon Concept is very passionate about his family owned motor racing business. Team involved over 25 years in Europe pro racing.


The TracKing's design and engineering is a direct result of Dan's vast experience gained from years of collaboration within the racing industry and his ability to provide proven technical solutions.


Attention to detail and meticulous fabrication is second to none. Dan demands nothing less and the end result is a race car built with the highest level of engineering and quality attainable within a budget.


The specially built Suzuki engine and gearbox selected for the powertrain for the TracKing have proven extremely durable and reliable throughout the racing industry.


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