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Fabien Bourgeon is back to business in a brand new TracKing

After months of recovery from injuries sustained from a horrific crash earlier this year at the Bagnols Sabran hill climb, Fabien Bourgeon is back in the drivers seat of a brand new TracKing for the Marchampt Beaujolais hill climb this weekend.

To back track a bit, Fabien was in contention for a dominating win at the wet and slick Bagnols Sabran hill climb when his car lost control and impacted the hillside at nearly 100 mph, destroying the car. Fab was airlifted to the hospital with some broken bones, but with less than life-threatening injuries, a testament to how well engineered the TracKing actually is from a safety standpoint!

Fabien has made a speedy recovery and is ready in time for his "home" race at Marchampt in a brand new TracKing RC01b with a fantastic looking BMW DTM style body shell.

We will update you with race results as soon as they become available.

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